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“Is this positive parenting program gonna help… ?

my kids are like street cats with ninja attitudes.”

Positive Parenting Ninja Attitude


It’s time to put you, the parent, IN CONTROL.

Children, despite all their cryin’ an’ kickin,’ thrive when parents are in control.

Thousands of parents have benefited from this positive parenting program. It empowered them and will for you, in no uncertain terms, to exercise your rightful authority as a parent.

Parents, prepare to begin to breathe again.

Capture Your Sanity Video:

This positive parenting program builds:

• self-confidence in you as a parent
• respect for you from your children
• a home where order and peace charm the day

Of course, you might still pick up eggs dropped on the floor, turn switches from flipped nerves, and toss your hair at the twirls of teen hormones. This is not a miracle whip course. (But you already know, magic doesn’t work.)

Positive Parenting Swirling Hormones

This positive parenting program called “Total Transformation,” provides you
(1) good sense,
(2) solid techniques, and
(3) simple “follow-thru” steps

…from behavioral genius, James Lehman. James was that kid who grew up too fast, was thrown out of the house, and quickly wound up in prison. He fits the shoes of delinquency.

After a long run-around, he took them off.  His guidance comes from the real-world, and it has a way of turning on the lights in one’s parenting brain.  I think you’ll get it; his wisdom sticks. Under his direction, you WILL GAIN a cooperative son or daughter that will listen to you.

Now stop for a second to imagine:

Saying something only once…

Using your breath for parental kindness…

Getting kind words from your child in return…

Positive Parenting Feeling Love

Imagine feeling love for your teen again — as your Number One Feeling! “The Total Transformation Program” was aptly named, don’t you think?

Why does it work so well?

It starts in the most important place: Attitudes.

It’s not an “Instant Cocoa” program. You will have to implement the suggestions. But it’ll be like making old-fashioned, hot chocolate. You pour thick dark syrup into a pan of milk, warming slowly on the stove as you stir. When you drink it, you are deeply warmed.

Positive Parenting Hot Cocoa

I believe you are here reading this because you want to practice positive parenting that works. Keep going…

This is worth it. With positive parenting, you’ll be serving cups of love over your kitchen table from here on out. Because you know, “Life is meant to be good.”


This “Total Transformation Program” review is by Eugene Harnett, father of five boys, all teens or better. He believes that parents are faced with incredible challenges these days and can regain control over their households by taking advantage of this positive parenting program.[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]